About Me

I have lived near Seattle, Washington since 1994. I’m married and have three awesome kids.

I have previously lived in Oregon, Utah, California (briefly), Florida, New York, and Germany. I have visited a few other countries, and I have traveled for business to Canada, Australia, England, Germany, and across the United States.

My business is computers, specializing in industrial and scientific computing. I’ve implemented network protocols, optimized search algorithms, analyzed engineering data, and done graphics analysis. I run a business called Cool Software Technologies.

I have many personal interests. I’ve done some rock climbing, kayaked in the Pacific Northwest, and snorkeled in the Florida Keys. I’m a decent marksman, and I’ve jumped out of an airplane. I’m interested in sustainable architecture. I’ve made a few wind turbine designs, and now I’m trying to build one of them in my garage (as a hobby project). I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was 14 (I’m currently riding a Honda CBR600 that I rode to Yellowstone a few years ago), and I can ride both Western and English saddle.

But a large portion of my time — both at work and at play — is spent on technology, with a focus on Linux and Open Source software. As a software developer, I’ve worked on a large variety of programs, including cell phone apps, sonar imaging, radio control systems, scientific modeling software, and a lot of database and web development. Most of the electronic devices in my house run Linux, including my router, cell phone (Android), netbook, and DVR. I’ve presented at LinuxFest NorthWest a few times, but have also worked with most of the other Unix variants too.

I am a huge science buff, especially astronomy, physics, archeology, and anything geeky ever mentioned in ST:TNG. While at the University of Washington, I wrote some data analysis software for the Super-Kamiokande neutrino detector in Japan. In recent years, I’ve coached the “Terrace Park Wolves” grade school F.L.L. Lego robotics team.

A screenshot from my 3D game engine
(showing a Quake 2 BSP level)

I am also an avid gamer. I’m currently at Prestige Level 2 on Call of Duty: Black Ops and Expert on The Beatles Rockband on drums. I’ve designed a card deck game, own a paintball marker, and I routinely play board games with friends. We have a Minecraft server running at minecraft.simkowiak.net, and in the past I’ve run other game servers such as QuakeWorld, Half-Life, and CounterStrike. I used to read Jon Carmack’s blog back in the early nineties, when “blog” meant a Unix dot-plan file. I’m a huge fan of Michael Abrash and I’ve written my own 3D game engine in C (with Binary Space Partitioning).

Until the launch of this website, I kept a fairly low profile on the Internet. I’ve decided to start this blog so I have a place to share some of my projects, technical articles, and product reviews. Perhaps I’ll get into the habit of updating it regularly, perhaps not, but at least I’ll have a platform if there’s something I’d like to publish. Thanks for reading, and feel free to drop me a line.



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