My name is Derek Simkowiak. I am a technology consultant, software architect, Linux expert, gamer, and family guy. I run a business called Cool Software Technologies (CST). Prospective clientèle are invited to check out my Résumé, or you may be interested in my About Me page.

You may also be interested in some of the Articles I’ve written, which include some software, science projects, and how-tos.

Snowshoeing at Snoqualmie Pass, 2013-01-26

On Sunday we went up to Snoqualmie Pass, at Lower Gold Creek Basin. We met Dan and Laura and did some snowshoeing and sledding.

I was rocking this awesome late-eighties snowsuit. It was a hand-me-down from Matt, and it fit perfectly. It came with a roll of duct tape in the pocket.

At first, Max insisted on walking on fresh snow, instead of the easy path of compressed snow. He stumbled a bit, but was having fun.

Also, we brought Hiro The Invisible Dog.

Simkowiaks + Snow = Epic Snowball Fight:

In the far background you can see that I was already back into shorts. I was keeping quite warm just hiking around in snowshoes.

Off to find some sledding…

It was a lot of fun and we’re going back soon.

REI rents snowshoes locally for $20, and a Washington State Snow Pass is $20/day, or $40 annually. I spent two weeks watching Craigslist and found used snowshoes for everyone. The cost was an average of 60.8% the current street price of new (incl. 10% sales tax).

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lxc-ubuntu-x published

I’m finally publishing my lxc-ubuntu-x LXC container creation script to the general public.

I’m very interested in feedback and/or improvements. It works well enough for CST, but I’m interested in making it generally more useful.

Eventually its job will be taken over by Virtual Machine Manager, although, virt-manager currently has no facility for templates or unattended installs, two of lxc-ubuntu-x’s most useful features. I’ll email the virt-manager list and see if there’s any those features could be incorporated into the GUI.

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